A Coffee Gift Buying Guide

Regardless of what the occasion, it really is sometimes hard to come up with coffee-related gift suggestions, especially if you already have a budget in mind. Listed here is a quick gift giving guide which should help you utilizing the coffee nut (or soon to be coffee nut) that you know.

Under $25

A drip cone with Coffee filters. Melitta cones will be the most well known. Both the cone and a box of filters should run you less than $10. Utilizing the correct temp water, you should have a straightforward and delicious sit down elsewhere.

Freshly roasted coffee needless to say! There are lots of sources on the internet, many will roast and ship exactly the same day, assuring that you get the coffee at it is peak of freshness. Prices range from about $10-$20 per pound shipped.

Basic French Press or Press Pot. The French Press needs an extremely coarse grind, so hopefully your recipient has a grinder that is up to snuff. These can be well under $25.

Aeropress by Aerobie. Yes, the exact same guys who made the frisbee. They will have this very cool little coffee gadget for approximately $25. It will make coffee somewhere within an espresso machine and a Vacpot.

Under $100

Cups. They can be espresso cups, latte cups, cappuccino cups, or simply regular coffee cups. Decent sets can range anywhere from $50-$100 per set. I like the Illy cups, while they offer plain white, as well as collector sets with interesting designs.

Fancy French Press (Press Pot). There are many which can be decorative, some which can be thermal carafes, as well as others that boast a unique filter. In the long run, they do equally well whilst the basic models with regards to the outcome. These consist of about $50-$100.

French Press and Grinder to suit. The Capresso Infinity grinder is a superb little grinder for the price. Should you want to get your someone special the complete package on the way to better coffee, there is nothing much better than a quality grinder and a French Press Pot of the choosing.

An electronically controlled warm water pot. I like the Zojirushi Electric Dispensing Pot. They usually have 3 temp levels (175F, 195F, and 208F). Perfect temps for green tea leaf, Coffee, and things like soups & regular tea. Models CD-LCC30, CD-LCC40, CD-LC50 (3, 4, and 5 liter models) are between $125-$150. Additionally they can be bought in black and neutral colors.

Under $250

A good drip coffee maker that brews at the right temperature. I think the Technivorm is the winner here. No fancy electronics, but a good sit down elsewhere to make sure. There are lots of models that are good, but I prefer the thermal carafe models just like the Thermo KB741, the Moccamaster CD Thermo, therefore the KBTS a basic level coffee maker.

The Hearthware i-Roast 2 coffee bean roaster can get someone into coffee roasting fairly cheap. Have them some green coffee to go right along with it, all for well under $200. Some vendors will provide you with some starter beans utilizing the roaster.

Under $1000

An advanced coffee roaster. I love the Hottop KN-8828P for the geekiest of geeks. Very cool programming features, not to mention great-tasting coffee that comes out of it. They may be had for only under $900. Some vendors will provide you with some starter beans with the roaster.

An espresso machine of course! The Rancilio Silvia is a good machine in this price range. If you really want to be a hero, include a grinder. Again the Rancilio Rocky is a superb match. About $600 for the machine, and about $300 for the grinder.

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